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Renovation of a bathroom, Kingersheim, May 2023

Discover the complete renovation of a custom made bathroom, turnkey.

By breaking down walls we were able to enlarge the original bathroom and transform a wasted space into an elegant and modern room. What a great idea!

In fact, in this project we made a bathroom extension using the attic which was not insulated, not fitted out and only accessible through a trap door. See what we were able to do with a small, dark and attic space. What could be better than a light and bright bathroom without adding a window? Here everything has been thought out in a practical way, so that every space is used, respecting ergonomics and highlighting light coloured walls, ceilings and floors while finding the warmth of wood.

Here are the main features:

  • White matt resin washbasin top, easy to maintain on a daily basis

  • Hanging washbasin unit and WC, which make it easier to clean the floor

  • Installation of a backlit mirror with LEDs and cool white directional spotlights in the ceiling that replace the brightness of a window in the extension

  • Installation of a wooden screen, which gives the bathroom a cosy feel

  • A shower exit cabinet, which allows you to sit down while keeping a storage space

  • Creation of a walk-in shower, which provides a lot of space and therefore comfort in daily use

Views of the bathroom, after the work has been completed

Views of the bathroom before and during the work


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