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Various bespoke fittings, bookcase, TV stand, desk

TV or Hifi cabinet, hall chest of drawers, low cabinet, console, wall shelves, set of decorative boxes, bookcase, design object or prototype... Pause Mobilier designs all the furniture you need according to its use, perfectly adjusted and integrated into your space. So let your creativity express itself according to your needs and desires: style and curves, colors and materials, compositions and finishes...

Design of your various tailor-made layouts

TV cabinet made to measure for a comfortable and aesthetic living space

The TV stand must be in harmony with the rest of the living room, your main living space. The bespoke media cabinet very often blends into the background. Pause Mobilier designs TV furniture and living design that meet your needs while being functional.

On the practical side, we offer layouts with little or a lot of storage. These are essential for you to store and hide your multimedia equipment such as DVD player, internet box and other rarely aesthetic devices. Depending on your needs and the space occupied by your TV cabinet, we can also arrange custom shelves, drawers and open niches. Made-to-measure is the solution to adapt your layout to the constraints of your living room.

Pause Mobilier creates classic, low or high TV cabinets that hold your TV at eye level ; but also made-to-measure living furniture that can occupy an entire wall, where the TV is integrated in the center, between shelves and bookcases, cupboards and drawers. Nowadays, the trend is also more and more oriented towards aesthetics and design knowing that flat screens are very often fixed to the wall, the size of your television is therefore no longer necessarily a constraint as regards the management of the space around the TV.

The tailor-made bookcase for a warm and decorative reading corner

Do you want to rest and immerse yourself in a book after a busy day at work ? Pause Mobilier specializes in furnishingbespoke bookcasessmall or large in size, in length or all in height. Depending on the space you have, Pause Mobilier arranges your library in your hallway, a corner of the living room or bedroom, or even in a room dedicated to it.

A beautiful library dressed in books, decorative accessories and a comfortable armchair will suffice to create a cozy and relaxing corner.

Depending on your tastes and desires, the custom bookcase can be high or low, narrow or wide, with hinged doors or made up of compartments hung on the walls. In terms of colors, Pause Mobilier advises you on many possible solutions, to bring you a feeling of well-being with warm and soothing colors.

The tailor-made desk to stimulate your creativity and productivity

Do you want to build a tailor-made office in a corner of your living room or in a dedicated room ? Pause furniture advises you and designs for you an office space worthy of the name, under a window, in a corner or under an attic of a room, by creating a layout separate from your personal space for better use and efficiency.

In an office, we bet on the functional side and mainly on the storage possibilities. We therefore design around the work plan, a sufficient number according to your needs, of drawers, shelves, open niches and closed compartments so you can be as organized as possible. Your office space must also be comfortable and slightly decorative, to stimulate your creativity and productivity.

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