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Interior layout and bespoke furniture

As a master cabinetmaker, we are able to offer you the most suitable layout and furniture for your project. From the creation of a unique piece to the layout of your complete interior, the unlimited variety of materials and finishes that we offer allows you to achieve what you dream of...


Custom furniture, solid wood furniture, 3D design, cupboards & dressing rooms, bathrooms, furniture under the ramp, kitchens, offices, libraries, renovation of old furniture, prototypes and design objects...

Our areas of expertise

chambre-sur mesure-suite parentale-lit-chevets-tete-entourage-cadre
cuisine-sur mesure-design-italienne-ilot central-laque-suspendu-caissons
salle de bain-cle en main-sur mesure-meuble-double-vasques-douche-paroi-cloison

Tailor-made bedroom 

...which will make you feel in a cocoon, from bedtime until you wake up...


Turnkey bathroom

...let yourself go as you please, with your feet in the water...

Turnkey kitchen

...tell us your desires, don't hesitate, cook for us...

dressing-sur mesure-ouvert-tiroirs-porte pantalons-penderie-rangement
placard-rangement-sur mesure-porte battante-angle-etageres-tiroirs
meuble-sous rampant-sous rampants-sur mesure-sous escalier-combles-sous toiture
porte coulissante-frein-rails-placard-portes coulissantes-sur mesure
furniture under the ramp
sliding doors

Custom dressing room

...make your dreams come true, your wardrobe will fit you like a glove...

Custom closet

...made-to-measure is the only solution for perfectly adapted furniture...



Custom sliding door innovative "à la carte" offer opening up endless decorative possibilities...

Custom-made furniture under the ramp

...highlight atypical curves, slopes, or complex angles...

meuble tv-living-salon-bibliotheque-etageres-etagere-sur mesure
miscellaneous layout

Miscellaneous layout

...let your creativity express itself according to your needs and desires...

renovation-restoration-meuble ancien-meuble de style-bois massif-massif-vernis
furniture renovation

Furniture renovation

...we restore shine and youth to old furniture, while respecting...

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