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Subject mastery

We are developing know-how in the design & implementation of renovation and construction projects  turnkey.


We can accompany you during all the stages of the project: the definition of the development plan, the detailed design (choice of materials, lighting, custom-made furniture...), the consultation and the choice of the stakeholders, the management of the works and the reception. We operate  in all building sectors: homes, offices, hotels, stores, industrial buildings...

notre métier

Our job

Pause Mobilier specializes in both Interior Architecture Design and the management of building-oriented projects.

This double competence leads us to offer you our services to carry out your tailor-made project with efficiency. As a result, we bring our know-how to any professional or individual wishing to carry out different projects.


Our sensitivity allows us to match your personality with your project by allowing you to combine all your desires, needs and constraints in order to achieve the style of architecture that suits you. Thus, the volumes, materials, materials, shapes and colors are thought out while respecting your ideas and your desires.
Realistic 3D imagery also makes it easy to enjoy your project. Especially in the pre-project phase. Our imaging missions can also respond to requests for 3D views for an individual or for a professional.

maitrise d'oeuvre-renovation-plans 3D-permis de construire-extensions-architecture intérieur

- Light and heavy renovations


- Custom 3D plans

- Building permit instruction

- Extensions and elevations

- Offices and shops

- Interior architecture

notre savoir-faire

Our expertise

  • Study and construction of all types of buildings

  • Indoor/outdoor photo-realistic 3D imaging

  • Contemporary detached houses

  • Plans for building permits and prior declaration of works

  • Assistance with site monitoring

maitrise d'oeuvre-etude-plans 3D-permis de construire-declaration de travaux-assistance-suivi de chantier
nos partenaires

Our partners

Pause Mobilier has an excellent network of partner companies, located near our construction sites. Our partners offer quality services by investing in each project and offering the best guarantees. They also adapt to different site profiles and budgets. Finally, the quality of their work is well established!

maitrise d'oeuvre-suivi de chantier-pilotage de projet-architecture-chantier

Design mission and assistance with site monitoring


Are you planning to renovate or extend an existing building? To develop or rehabilitate your interior in your image? We accompany you in the realization of your project by shaping your requirements, your desires according to your budget, and we ensure its perfect realization.

Companies / Industries

Are you planning to redesign your workspace? Modifying or expanding your premises? Our team puts its know-how and expertise at your disposal in order to offer you an optimal layout and functional spaces.

Progress of a mission with Pause Mobilier

First date

maitrise d oeuvre-suvi de chantier-reunion chantier

The first meeting allows you first of all to present our company and our way of working with all of our customers: individuals or professionals.
Then, our goal is to obtain as much information as possible about your project, taking into account your architectural program, your budget not to be exceeded, your technical and aesthetic requirements, etc.
We draw up a report a few days after our first meeting in order to validate whether your project is compatible with your budget and the main technical constraints.

Architectural study of your project

maitrise d oeuvre-suivi de chantier-plans 3D-permis de construire

An architectural preliminary draft is divided into several phases: sketch, summary preliminary draft and final preliminary draft.
The sketch is a quick representation of your project so that you can project yourself effectively. Above all, it allows you to validate your architectural program with your budget through a provisional estimate to within 5%.
The summary preliminary project is the continuity of this sketch with computerized study plans (1/100th scale) and 3D perspectives.
Finally, the final preliminary project allows this architectural study to be completed by validating the plans, the 3D views, the choice of materials, the choice of sanitary and electrical appliances, etc.

Realization of the Building Permit file
Declaration of Works

maitrise d oeuvre-suivi de chantier-permis de construire

All projects do not necessarily involve filing a building permit or a declaration of works. During a renovation, modifications to facades or roofs require a simple declaration of work at the town hall. The same applies to the construction of an extension attached to an existing building of less than 40m2.
A building permit becomes mandatory when the project consists of constructing a new building, an extension or elevation greater than 40m2 or an annex to an existing building.
We take care of your file from the production of the documents until the final validation in the town hall.

Market focus
Assistance with site monitoring

maitrise d oeuvre-suivi de chantier-pilotage de projet-permis de construire

The construction phase requires upstream consultation of companies in order to choose the stakeholders. This also and above all allows you to validate or negotiate the detailed estimates, which the client (yourself in most cases) will sign before the start of the construction site.
An execution schedule is produced and signed between the parties in order to have an optimal working environment. This makes it possible to know the maximum deadlines for the work undertaken.
Weekly meetings on site are held by our team to monitor the progress of the work. A report is made at each visit.
At the end of the construction site, we draw up a delivery report which allows us to close our mission and that of the stakeholders. The ten-year insurance of the various companies will take effect on the signing of this said report.

notre mission

Photo examples

Rehabilitation of an old barn into a detached house (Before / After)

Complete renovation of an old detached house (Before / After)

Creation of a parental suite (Before / After)

maitrise d'oeuvre-renovation-complete-grange
matrise d'oeuvre-renovation-complete-grange
maitrise d'oeuvre-renovation complete-maison individuelle
maitrise d'oeuvre-renovation-complete-maison individuelle
maitrise d'oeuvre-suivi de chantier-renovation-suite parentale
maitrise d'oeuvre-suivi de chantier-renovation-suite parentale
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