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Custom bathroom, turnkey formula, walk-in shower

Custom bathroom design

Today, comfort is paramount in the layout of one's home. The layout of your bathroom is one of the keystones. We design your bathroom with you, we revisit and optimize the volumes, the furniture and the decoration according to your desires to allow you to feel good there, whether it is a small or large bathroom. size, a shared bathroom or integrated into a master suite. We will be able to adapt your project and your budget to your desires and your needs. Trust us and indulge your desires... with your feet in the water.

The turnkey : a made-to-measure bathroom

The walk-in shower : a dream at an affordable price

There Italian shower, functional and pleasant, is the shower that many of our customers dream of. Pause Mobilier offers you an easy-care, elegant and designer shower.

With extra flat tray Or concealed siphon in the floor of the bathroom, we make every effort to ensure that your walk-in shower is perfectly waterproof, that your floor is non-slip and that the custom dimensions of this space correspond to your desires and are harmonious in function of volumes of your bathroom.

We are specialists in the installation of custom partitions tiled and shower walls transparent and opaque to create your privacy zone within your bathroom.

Comfort and privacy are the keys to feeling good in your bathroom. Furnishing your bathroom is not easy, Pause Mobilier supports you in turnkey layout a functional, cozy and entirely made-to-measure bathroom.

In our designs, we arrange your bathroom taking into account the volume to be exploited, create partitions in large spaces and opt for a clean design for » small parts. Always according to the available space, and according to your needs and your tastes, we set up a bathtub or a Italian shower.

In addition to the sanitary installation, Pause Mobilier also takes care of the demolition work, of compartmentalization and insulation, and the laying of floor tile by opting for soft and warm materials that allow you to feel good in the intimate place of your home.

the storage is also very important. Suspended vanity unitstorage columnopen doghouse above the toilets, we put our know-how at your disposal to jointly design sufficient made-to-measure storage without cluttering the room.

Finally, Pause Mobilier helps you optimize lighting of your bathroom by deliberately creating more or less lit areas thanks to indirect lighting, wall lights, the judicious addition of mirrors, spotlights and LED ribbons embedded in the ceiling or in the furniture that will give the touch wellness finale to your bathroom.

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