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Range of made-to-measure skylights

Design of a canopy interior

Very fashionable in recent years the canopy is more and more common in homes, whether for the separation of a room or to bring light or style to your interior the canopy can be designed in different styles to suit you best.

Pause-Mobilier has been offering you wide creative possibilities for 10 years  and very good quality tailor-made manufacturing. The latter can be of any height or  half-height or equipped with  sliding doors or  swing doors.

We offer a variety of solutions including matt varnish raw steel finishes  for a vintage effect, glossy varnish  for a modern effect, a rust finish for an even different and very tendency. Regarding the glazing, we offer all the possible variants: tempered, laminated, silence, clear or sandblasted, or even a multitude of serigraphs.

A tailor-made design offering you many configurations  for a completely personalized decoration.

Canopy at mi-height

Create a glass roof while keeping a low wall to keep   the separation while providing natural light. This canopy allows you to give a workshop style to your interior.

This configuration is often associated with the separation of the kitchen according to the elements bas.

Canopy with hinged or sliding door 

This canopy allows the creation or separation of two rooms without completely isolating them and preserving the direct relationship between the rooms by choosing a system has your needs and to provide natural light while maintaining this notion of privacy.

Concertina canopy

A removable canopy that separates two rooms and when folded allows you to enjoy  more space.

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