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Tailor-made kitchen: optimized and in your image

Custom kitchen design

We are recognized for the quality of our kitchen designer services - preparation and management of your project, dynamic and realistic 3D design, custom manufacturing and high-end installation of your kitchen -, for the seriousness of our follow-up and for our achievements that do not can only satisfy you.

Pause Mobilier is your single point of contact and accompanies you, advises you in all stages of your project. Let us know your desires, don't hesitate... cook for us.

Optimizing your kitchen

Pause Mobilier determines with you the correct layout of your kitchen, the aim being to limit as much as possible the distance to be covered between the different elements that are the hob and the oven, I'sink and the dishwasher, and finally the fridge and freezer. The essential thing is therefore to think carefully about the layout of your kitchen to limit travel by having everything at hand in order to optimize the use.

We also help you to optimize every centimeter of the available volume of your room, to clear space from floor to ceiling and to gain the maximum of space by judiciously organizing the cupboards andrawers. We arrange our kitchens on the entire surface of your walls and exploit your room to the nearest millimetre.

The height of the elements and household appliances has evolved in recent years, such as the height of the work plan compared to the storage boxes, the oven is no longer systematically placed in the lower part. We adapt our kitchens according to the person's morphology, of its habits and activity : Organizing your kitchen is also key to a good functionality and ergonomics, Pause Mobilier takes care to arrange your kitchen around the following activity triangle :

  • Cold and storage : Refrigerator, freezer, storage

  • Washing and preparation : Sink, dishwasher, worktop and trash can

  • Hot pole and cooking : Plates, oven and microwave

The washing and preparation pole can be placed higher than the storage, to avoid having to bend over while preparing your meals or doing your dishes. The hobs can be slightly lower than the storage, so as to have a more complete view of what is happening in your pans. Finally, the microwave and especially the oven are judiciously placed at eye level. Ergonomics optimized horizontally as well as vertically !

The kitchen of your dreams to the millimeter : the real tailor-made

Pause Mobilier specializes in 100% made-to-measure, real tailor-made in width, height and depth !

We adapt our design to your space, your needs and your desires to offer you a unique and personalized kitchen in your image. Born don't waste spacegain height and depth thanks to real tailor-made. We exploit the full potential of your kitchen to offer you a maximum space and storage available.

True made-to-measure is also the modularity of our layouts unlike the standard boxes offered by the vast majority of kitchen designers. Our layouts are adaptable only to your kitchen, the destination for which they are created.

We also respond to your specific needs  depending on the geographical location, the humidity, the style requested, the morphology of the person (very tall, short or PRM for example).

Finally, the possibilities of finishes are very extensive, Pause Mobilier regularly offers facades in precious wood, in veneer and solid wood, in real custom lacquering, but also in plywood or OSB in order to reduce costs.

We are at your disposal to accompany you in all the stages of your project, it is up to you to imagine the kitchen of your dreams.

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