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Professional fittings for companies and industries

Specializing in custom-made furniture, we create fittings that adapt to the most specific needs of businesses, industry, commerce and communities.


Using a 3D design, all our achievements are studied in compliance with ergonomic rules and allow the integration of equipment: reception desk, meeting & training room, command & control rooms, open spaces, professional furniture, engineering, sign design, interior carpentry. and exterior, various fittings...

Our areas of expertise

accueil-banque d'accueil-comptoir-salle d'attente-sur mesure-reception
reception areas

Reception area

...aesthetically, the reception area must convey a positive image of the public reception area...

meeting-reunion-collaborateur-conference-formation-sur mesure
meeting areas

Meeting space

...these are workspaces integrating acoustics, aesthetics and ergonomics...

salle de commandes-cabine de controle-poste de garde-affichage-visioconference-sonorisation-sur mesure
order rooms

Order room

...the ergonomics of your technical spaces by integrating scalable systems...

open space-open spaces-cloisonnement-cloisonnements-espae de travail-ouvert-accoustique-sur mesure
open spaces and partitions

Open space and partitioning

...suited to the special requirements of open workspaces...

mobilier professionnel-bloc tiroir-bureau-chaise-fauteuil-armoire rideau
professional furniture

Professional furniture

...a harmony of shapes and colors that allows you to create your workspaces...

agencement complementaire-kitchenette-vestiaire-sanitaire-douche-local technique-archives-repos
Complementary layout

Complementary layout

...optimized solutions for well-being spaces for your employees...

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