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Professional furniture  for employees, management, meetings, relaxation and acoustics

We offer a wide choice of technical and aesthetic products for the development of your office and community spaces. Our products are innovative, high-performance and of high quality, available from stock in many colors and delivered as quickly as possible. We offer furniture with a harmony of shapes and colors that allows you to create your workspaces and thus find the best compromise in the rational layout of the elements. We also carry out your layouts in 3D plans to project you into your future layouts. Pause Mobilier offers quality and design solutions that are innovative and affordable. We follow the latest trends so that we can always meet your needs.

Our solutions for the Employee

Whether the space to be fitted out is a partitioned office or an open space, Pause Mobilier arranges your premises welcoming your employees by taking into account the essential factors which are the ergonomics, space optimization, communication, atmosphere of work. Our furniture meets your needs for modularity and adapts to any morphology, while allowing you to personalize each workstation with different accessories.

Modular reception desk - Beam with seats - Chair and stool - Seat and armchair - Individual desk - Island desks - Rolling or fixed drawer unit - Curtain cabinet - Cloakroom - Clamshell cabinet - Hanging file drawers - Tubular shelving - Storage accessories - Screen support - Accessories for electrification

Our solutions for Réunion

The spaces dedicated to your team meetings are at the heart of strategic activity of your company, these are places of group work, discussion and decision-making.Comfort and modularity are the keys to a layout that can be adapted to any number of participants and their respective needs. Pause Mobilier also integrates your equipment such as screens, videoconferencing systems, telephones as well as their connectors which must remain discreet.

Acoustic cabin type meeting box - Meeting table - Tilting table - Folding table - Modular table - Seat and armchair

Our solutions for management

Executive offices are by definition the emblematic function of power, reserved for decision-makers. Nowadays, the opening of management premises for the benefit of a place of meeting and exchange requires the company to express its innovative and original image. The furniture that we propose to arrange there is larger, more opulent, made with nobler materials.

Office and storage - Seat and armchair - Wardrobe - Executive chair

Our solutions for Relaxation

Relaxation, informal spaces that promote flexibility and mobility within the company are more and more numerous in the new collaborative working methods. Pause Mobilier guides you in the design of these spaces more focused on the informal and spontaneous discussion, knowledge sharing and transmission of knowledge.   The human relationship between employees is friendly and allows you to recharge your batteries and relax. Our achievements allow companies to increase the performance of their employees by adding a touch of pleasure and well-being at work.

Modular foam bench - Box benches - Armchair - Sofa - Poufs - High and low table

Our solutions for Acoustics

Acoustic solutions are becoming essential in companies because the acoustic comfort defines noise control. Excluding noise is one of the most decisive criteria in the quality of life at work for your employees. Acoustics is the solution that allows you to keep the noises you want to hear and isolate the others.

Full movable partition - Front and side screen panels - Acoustic partition

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