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salle de commandes-cabine de controle-poste de garde-systeme d'affichage-sonorisation-visioconference

Command room, control room, guardhouse

Design of a custom control room

If the layout of workspaces is the business of Pause Mobilier, our specialty is the design, design and construction of control rooms, control cabins, guard posts... for a clientele of SMEs and large accounts. . With our partners, we integrate all display, sound and videoconferencing systems into our layouts. At your service, we ensure the ergonomics of your technical spaces by integrating scalable systems adapted to your environment.

Command and control rooms are becoming essential

Of the control posts and supervision rooms are now installed in a large number of infrastructures, in the public or private sector, in industry, in the tertiary activities of communication and information, but also in finance and security.

Real-time information management makes control rooms and checkpoints essential.

Of simple monitor on lectern on the video wall, you can display image, dynamic data or video. To establish precise specifications, it is therefore essential first of all to identify the categories of data according to your needs, and to classify them into functional categories. Once the sources have been validated, you will also need to define what you are going to do with this data, from its dissemination giving rise to decision-making to the triggering of an action.

The successful development of a control and steering room requires a major consideration of the needs of your operators. Pause Mobilier makes every effort to ensure that they benefit from the best conditions for long periods at the workstations and that they can remain concentrated and vigilant. Our designs are optimized to allow posture variations, position outfits on 24/7 seats, reflected acoustics and lighting to avoid fatigue and stress. At the heart of our achievements, ergonomics is paramount in your control and supervision room layout projects.

Pause Mobilier also arranges all complementary spaces to your control rooms : crisis meeting room, technical room, changing rooms and toilets, relaxation room… You should not neglect these rooms which meet the needs of your operators.

Thanks to our varied and global skills, we will be able to offer you the appropriate solutions for all your control room and control station layout projects.

The progress and management of your project with Pause Mobilier

Pause Mobilier offers you innovative technical solutions and furniture that meet ergonomics and work safety standards. We carry out complete and tailor-made projects, so as to meet your unique and specific needs according to the activity of your company. Our designs are functional and ergonomic, durable but also scalable, accessible and aesthetic.

We are specialized in the project management, from the creation of specifications to the complete realization of your layouts. You are at the heart of the project and we involve you in a close collaboration of partnership in each phase of our approach : development of the idea and writing of the specifications, 3D design and studies, manufacturing on measurement, workshop assembly, on-site installation.

our design office defines the technical solutions for your layouts, based on the specifications drawn up and the plans drawn up following the measurements of the space to be fitted out. We present you with a complete file with 2D and 3D files as well as technical plans for validation.

There logistics and transport of your made-to-measure furniture is provided by Pause Mobilier, turnkey formula, from our workshops to arrival on site.

I'facility is another strong point of Pause Mobilier. Our team of experienced installers is versatile and works on site for a clean and meticulous assembly of your technical furniture for your control room, command room, supervision room, crisis room, computer room... In the context of international projects, we we also work regularly abroad and in the overseas departments and territories for installations or quite simply to support local installation teams.

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