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Reception area, counter and waiting room

We create waiting rooms as well as tailor-made reception desks, adapted to the needs of users. Aesthetically, the reception area must convey a positive image of the public reception area. We study the functional constraints, both for the staff who work there and for the public received. We therefore attach great importance to the ergonomics and accessibility of our products. The reception area is a comfortable, aesthetic and useful place, sometimes with the addition of a space for children.

Tailor-made layout of a reception area

reception area must allow you to communicate a strong message on the identity of your company with a reception desk adapted to the reception of your visitors and the daily use of your employees but also to offer awaiting area comfortable and harmonious. Pause Mobilier designs custom layouts so that you can provide the services required by your visitors and employees.

The reception function is at heart of the business and mainly includes the reception of users, information and contact with the various departments of the company, whatever the type of visitor : customer or supplier, public or professional.

Being most often located at the main entrance of your premises, our reception area layouts take into account soundproofing against noise emanating from neighboring rooms but also to maintain confidentiality. Reception should not be isolated, however, being a junction between the different departments of the company, and providing visibility and the possibility for users to access various amenities : water fountain, coffee machine, toilets, etc.

Finally, Pause Mobilier pays particular attention to the space management in its made-to-measure fittings, functionality, ergonomics and workstation lighting for your staff.

Design of tailor-made reception desks for professionals

The counter or reception desk is the first visual contact of your visitors, customers and suppliers. It must reflect your company's image, warm and stylish, and showcase your business name.  Pause Mobilier offers tailor-made reception desks and designer counters, with dimensions, materials and functions according to your desires and needs. We work on aesthetics by modulating shapes, colors and lights to offer you a unique design. Our made-to-measure reception counter creations highlight your business  also thanks to the different possibilities of materials used: laminate and melamine, solid wood, corian, glass, metal, etc. Our designs also ensure comfort, ergonomics and functionality to meet the needs of your employees working there. We master the integration of IT equipment, multimedia and cable management. Finally, accessibility is a strong point of our designs which notably respect the standards and legislation for PMR accessibility.

Pause Mobilier supports professionals and adapts to their requirements for tailor-made reception desks that perfectly represent the company's brand image, from design to final installation. We advise you in the most complex projects layout of your reception furniture, but also of its close environment, the waiting room.

The waiting room sur mesure : a warm relaxation area

Depending on the size and configuration of your reception area, the waiting room can be a major part of your business. When your visitors come, it is very often the second logical step after the reception at the reception desk. It is therefore very important to pay great attention to the arrangement of this room.

Pause Mobilier helps you to optimize the space of your waiting room, a relatively frequent place of passage, so that it is comfortable and that movement is facilitated. The warm side is essential to help your visitors endure the wait, which can often be considered too long. We also focus on lighting, arrangement of furniture, colors and decoration to create a relaxing atmosphere in your waiting room. Finally, we are also setting up specific corners for children to welcome and occupy them while waiting.

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