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Bespoke bedroom, master suite and children's bedroom

Custom bedroom design

The bedroom is "your" room. It must offer you the privacy and comfort to soothe you after a long day. Storage spaces such as dressing rooms or cupboards are also essential and must be integrated in harmony with the rest of your furniture. Pause Mobilier offers to assist you in your bedroom design project, from the design of storage to the layout of a complete bedroom with its furniture and decoration that will make you feel in a cocoon... in the evening at bedtime until you wake up in the morning.

The bespoke master suite: the heart of the house

At Pause Mobilier, we design and custom-build the parental suite of your dreams, with several functions combined in the same space, thus offering you a certain autonomy in your home.

A made-to-measure bedroom is fitted out in the center of your parental suite, providing you with the comfort essential to your personal needs: bed with bedhead and surroundings, clearance around the bed for circulation, nightstandsbench or seated.

Adding a bathroom distinguishes the parental suite from a simple bedroom. Pause Mobilier offers you many configurations depending on the size of your room, your taste and your budget : shower or bathtub, washbasin or double washbasin, whether or not there is a WC.

Finally, we focus on the storage in your parental suite : from a simple wall cupboard with wardrobes and drawers to the independent made-to-measure dressing room with dressing table, we offer storage that respects the interior architecture of your room and optimize the volumes by privileging the functional side, the access and the luminosity and the lighting.

The custom-made children's room: fun, safe and scalable

Pause Mobilier creates made-to-measure children's bedrooms : whether it's a small room or a bedroom for two, we favor the area gain to allow your children to have, in addition to their bed, a corner desk, a room for game, of the storage for toys and for clothes. Our bespoke children's bedrooms are designed with your children's needs, personality and imagination in mind.

We adapt our design to the age of your child and make the bedroom of his dreams while taking the necessary measures for the safety and development of this space accompanying your child during his growth.

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