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meuble sous rampants-meuble sous escalier-sous toiture-bureau

Furniture under-crawling, under-staircase and under-roof

Design of a bespoke under-crawling layout

It's difficult to furnish a room that is under the roof... So, install bookcases, sloping cupboards, shelves... and multiply your storage volume without wasting space! The attic dressing room is also our speciality: if your bedroom has sloping ceilings, it will transform wasted spaces into perfectly adapted storage. Made-to-measure is the solution to optimize and highlight atypical curves, slopes, under stairs or ceilings with complex angles.

Maximize your under-slope, under-crawling and under-stair lost spaces

Complex and impractical, lost spaces under the attic, under the roof or under the stairs are actually perfect places to fit out with tailor-made. Pause Mobilier supports you in your projects to optimize these spaces that are not always easy to arrange. We offer multiple solutions that suit your interior. We answer all your problems that seem difficult or even impossible to solve.

Whether it's a open or closed dressing room in your attic, a custom closet or a bookcase under your stairs, a office or shelves under your roof, Pause Mobilier puts all its know-how to work on your projects to offer you the ideal solution for exploiting your wasted spaces and transforming them into suitable layouts that reflect your image and your lifestyle.

Exploit the full potential of your home by custom-designing all its corners

Made-to-measure is the solution for layouts that adapt to all the corners that you thought unusable. The possibilities are endless so why turn to a basic piece of furniture when you can design original and personalized custom furniture ? The spaces lost until then now go save you with advice and functional and aesthetic designs from Pause Mobilier. Imagine the arrangement of your dreams and we'll make it happen for you.

Under a staircase, we often carry out bespoke cupboards, of the integrated offices, without necessarily following the design of your steps. We embellish our cabinet designs with hinged doors, columns and open niches, drawers and sliding shelves also to compensate for depths that may seem inaccessible. We also play on color contrasts to give character to your new layouts.

Under the crawling, under the roof or in your attic, we carry out your dressing rooms and wardrobes which optimize all the useful surface. Functional, our layouts extend over the entire height and depth of your spaces, exploiting every square centimeter and thus allowing you to store your clothes, coats and shoes discreetly.

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