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Custom Open Space, partitioning and insulation

Custom design of an Open Space

We have developed specific know-how in the layout of shared workspaces through numerous projects carried out for small and large companies. We offer solutions adapted to the particular requirements related to the layout of open workspaces. We master the main key factors in the layout of an open space: acoustics and partitioning, lighting, electrical flows, modular furniture, colorimetry, personalization of workstations and the implementation of dedicated and isolated spaces (relaxation, training, call center...).

A well-appointed Open Space for a gain in performance

Do you want to build a open space for economic reasons and to save space ? Do you rely on conviviality and an atmosphere conducive to good understanding ? Pause Mobilier accompanies you and designs your efficient collective workspaces. With our experience in the creation of tailor-made open spaces, we advise and guide you to remedy the noise and visual nuisances that accentuate the deconcentration and stress among your employees.

I'lighting must be harmonious and its position optimized to gain focus. Too bright room lighting causes squinting. Lighting that is too low causes eyestrain on the screens. In both cases, the result is a loss of concentration and a lack of dynamism. We distribute the light evenly in your workspaces, favoring daylight and strategically placing lights and lamps at each individual workstation.

The noise is probably the main nuisance in communal workspaces. It is composed of the noise coming directly from the source but also of the various reflections in the room. Pause Mobilier furnishes your open spaces by reducing nuisance by using noise-absorbing materials on the floor, wall and ceiling.

We also personalize the individual workstations according to the functions of the users and work on the design of the furniture and the decoration for the well-being of your employees.The custom-made furniture of an Open Space must facilitate the management and organization of the space but also the movements of the people working there. Our achievements therefore minimize the size and remain modular to the maximum. We work in collaboration with the principals but also directly by involving the users themselves in the reflection of the layout. The open space is above all designed to encourage communication and we advise you to group employees as much as possible by project or department. We can also offer you the location of your Open Space, because even if it remains central, it must be able to be built in interaction with adjacent and communicating spaces. We also manage the development of isolated offices, meeting rooms, relaxation areas and sanitary facilities related to your open space.

We carry out complete layouts with custom furniture which allows storage, the delimitation of individual spaces, facilitates circulation and limits clutter. Finally, we make every effort to ensure that the equipment and the IT integrate as best as possible into the spaces and the fittings, making them as discreet as possible.

Pause Mobilier helps you develop your Open Space into a space conducive to efficient work and conviviality.

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