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Made-to-measure facade and sliding door

Design of a custom facade for your storage

Specialist in layout facades and sliding doors, Pause Mobilier offers you an innovative "à la carte" offer opening up endless decorative possibilities and very good quality made-to-measure manufacturing. Sliding, hinged or folding, partition doors, dressing doors, our rich and varied solutions multiply the models, materials and colors... for a fully personalized decoration.

Whether for kitchen, hallway or bedroom storage, the closing style is an essential point to better personalize your cabinets and cupboards and thus facilitate the task of storage.

Custom hinged and drop-down wardrobe or closet doors

The best known and most used closures are the swing doors. Pause Mobilier realizes your layout with single or double shuttered swing doors, with a opening up to 180° for full access to the interior, an opening in swinging up or down, always with very good quality hardware. This closing principle offers style and comfort and can also save on raw materials. With this type of door, the front of the storage must always be clear.

Custom sliding doors for storage cabinets

There sliding front is the most suitable solution for small rooms, for layouts with little setback in the front. We offer you many possibilities ofcompose and customize leaves, tracks and profiles of our sliding fronts with many colors and finishes in panels, glass and lacquer. The many variants that make up our range also make it possible to meet all your needs and all budgets.

Custom folding doors, an interesting concept

folding door has the advantages of the hinged door as well as those of the sliding door. Opening the folding door gives the access to more than 50% compartments in one move. The free space required in front of the storage is less important than in the case of a hinged door. In this closing configuration, the hardware used must be solid, Pause Mobilier realizes your arrangement with hinges and knobs of very good quality to guarantee you a durability over time.

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